I got a chance to thank my colleagues and the people worked with me at client’s place, and I wrote for them all.

Dear All,

Everyday has got its own freshness, a lot to remember and forget.
Today is my last day with you in “client”; I am released and got to go.

With your permission, I write down this texting to thank you all.

Thanks a bunch for “ALL” of your support, co-operation, understanding and for the g00d time.
I had a great Team. Yes I did !

I can’t resist telling this at least, I really enjoyed my late night and the wee hours of this project.
A lot to remember!!!

Thank you all once again and wishing you Good Luck.

I don’t wanna say keep in touch, keep in sight… I should say; at least try!!!

Pretty please, with sugar on top; try.

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e-mail: vipinATvipinsagarDOTnet




: Whose motorcycle is this?
| It's a chopper.
: Whose chopper is this?
| Zed's.
: Who's Zed?
| Zed's dead, baby, Zed's dead.

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