Woof…! I am lucky that I put on an extra woolen kind of brown T-Shirt, which I got from my brother.

It’s really chilling at the Airport and I walked towards the pre-paid taxi stall. Shown up my forefinger “Eak, single aadmi… mein….….taxi chahiye; Maruthi Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon”

Smiles exchanged, paid the bill and I move out of the airport premises. It was five minutes past 1 AM when I search for a telephone booth outside but it was locked.

My mobile was dead in both SIGNAL and battery charge.

What’s next…? I need to make some calls, and a call to my counterpart at Gurgaon office. The next best option was to ask for a favor from the young man who was sitting inside the Airtel shop, [New] connection/service provider.

Hi, this is Sagar…new to Delhi……hmmm… can I borrow your Nokia mobile charger for a while, if ya keep one.

:> ahha ..Yes no problem.

I kept my mobile charged and walked out of the shop, saying “I shall get some coffee for you”

:> No Sir… that is ok…. You can come and sit here.

I sat with him and we had some general conversation over the hot Nescafé. In the middle I found the first person/friend I met in Delhi was a mallu [Keralite, who speaks my mother-tongue]

Spent around half-an-hour with him, exchange numbers, he made some arrangements for the taxi; remind me to ask/call for any help needed…. Thank you so much and goodbye my friend!

Tail: He doesn’t have any balance to make a single call from his mobile. No problem I adjusted with the Taxi driver :)

3 Responses to “Delhi_00”

  1. Arun Pillai Says:

    Let the cat come out this time. Tell me honestly who helped you to key in all hindi words for this post ?

  2. vipin sagar Says:

    Ya green-eye…????

    To be honest….. “Maniamma”, my high-school teacher who taught me Hindi.

    Where is the mice…??? :)

  3. Shamjith Says:

    Struggled a lot???..
    How abt todays celebrations?..
    keep me posted

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