Broke up with B’lore

I don’t have any valentine’s story… (hmmm…do I…? ) may be I am not blessed by The Cupid.

For me today is the day to pack-up my stuffs, have a short break over Bangalore…. I am flying to Delhi on a project at our client location by hoping fun since it’s an assignment on PI Implementation, first time flying to Delhi.

Hey… B’lore I will be back, let me have some chill-out at Delhi.

4 Responses to “Broke up with B’lore”

  1. Arun Pillai Says:

    Haven’t touched anything on the happenings of Delhi ?
    As u know people are more interested in knowing that front, as ur B’lore stories are known to everyone :D

  2. vipin sagar Says:

    Common…. I had tough time in Agra and other place. Stamped me as criminal….

    I am on my way >>>

  3. minnu Says:

    Now it is time to change these words,coming FEB 14th will be yourssss

  4. vipin sagar Says:

    I took your “golden words” but still days/months to go.
    …being numb would be much happiness :)

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