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I just gotta flash of the discussion, which we had at your flat.

“Porting your Application/Software from Windows to Linux”

There are two choices available:

Eclipse with the C# plug-in and MonoDevelop.

Eclipse is now bundled with latest Linux distros these days.

MonoDevelop is not as mature as Eclipse as a complete IDE, but it provides a very tight integration with Mono, auto-completion for all the class libraries, support for various programming languages (C#, Visual Basic, Boo, Nemerle, and ILASM) and a GUI designer specifically designed for Gtk#.

Mind you, Mono’s goal is not to create an exact replica of the .NET Framework. There seems no point in that. Rather, Mono places a high priority on implementing in open source those components that are essential to let applications run on alternative platforms — and Linux in particular. This means that it looks at what features and libraries are required for existing .NET applications to run, and focuses on correct implementations of those.

A dedicated team of engineers at Novell is working on Mono. Mainsoft (NOT a typo) also has a dedicated team working on the project components shared in common. Both companies are highly focused on implementing those parts of the .NET platform that Microsoft has placed with the ECMA standards body.


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