Common Linux myths dispelled

Linux is lousy for games, Windows is a memory hog, OSX will force you get a Liberal Arts degree and recycle… but, I digress. We’re here to dispel the myths, not spread them.

By the way, have any Qs like…

. Linux is great, too bad there aren’t any good applications.

. On Linux, you can’t open files other people send.

. Linux won’t allow you to watch your favorite video files.

. Linux doesn’t have a modern 3d desktop like Vista’s Aero or OSX’s Aqua.

…but, if I use Linux I won’t be able to run Word/Photoshop/Internet Explorer/____.

. I can’t play Half Life 2, Prey, or World of Warcraft on Linux

Check the links down.

Desktop | CrossOver 6.0.0

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