sUck lisT

Have ya ever been a situation that ya just whisper, or yell out the word SUCK?

I was into many times and today also… so I got many to list out and here goes my suck-list.

The list may make you smile and remembers that ya are not alone and I don’t care about the frowned one :)

0.religious difference (anybody in there)
1.high prized technology (dmx costs more)
2.honking behind me in traffic (I gave them fingers) os ( till ya get freeze over)
4.internet explorer ( ancient history)
5.spam (ya eat this everyday)
7.britney spears
8.barbie dolls
9.christina aguilera
10. 50 cent
11. black eyed peas
12. soap operas
13. sycophants (they are everywhere)
14. push-up wonderbras / miraclebras
15. long nails
16. body odor
22. people don't flush after the use
17. awful jokes/sms/forwards
19. hot milk
20. people who smoke before foods
21. using mobile-phones while drivin and havin food..

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