“Live�? looks gOOd that’s a catchy name too; lets try !

Were the real search started…?

Where are ya going to keep the curser…?

www.google.com | www.live.com

We had a discussion at office, and I commented:-

The same kind of apprehension had much attention merely a decade ago in this so called IT world.
High-time; The Big-BLUE Vs The Dark-Side.

Yes, finally IBM lost the battle filed, but Mr. Gates still worried about the Big-Blue.

The biggest company in the computer industry by far is IBM. They have the four times the employees that I have, way more revenues than I have. IBM has always been our biggest competitor. The press just doesn’t like to write about IBM,” said Gates.

Let’s dig some more history;

(Sony) PlayStation Vs Xbox 360 (Microsoft’s next-generation gaming unit).
[Sony, please do pay some more attention]

This I love:

Internet-Explore Vs Netscape. [When the IE bundled with Windows OS, Netscape slowed down the race and almost quit]
And now the “Blue e�? tussles with firefox (Hey people; use firefox and know the difference)

In this case, I personally NOT feel much about a race in the “search�? area.

00.Google is a .com/net company; Internet is there arena.
01.Microsoft is a software company (They do and deals with many stuffs)

Why can’t we think of any Y! Effect (who knows; that’s the beauty of Internet)

It’s all about us, the users. Who has gotten innovative ideas and users in mind (google); they gonna survive and obviously marketing (Microsoft) comes next to that.


I personally use aggregated google and Yahoo! Search with an extension in my firefox browser.

“Live�? looks gOOd that’s a catchy name too; lets try !

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