Animal Instinct

I believe we all gotta an animal instict… I am non-veg.
I like watching NGC… I love monkeys.

The link shows ya some wild photgraphY (happened to here about this photographer)

…this is too good.

..we can teach the animal wildness…and animals can teach us things we have forgotten !

3 Responses to “Animal Instinct”

  1. Guess! Says:

    Vere pani onnum ille kochene….
    Chumma irunnu oronnum eyutum…..
    Alla ,Who r u to believe that all got an animal instinct….
    Not all, but a few…. Guess… who all have got it…..
    Fine.. vere joli onnum illengil kuttiyirunnu eyutikkko,njaan disturb cheyyunnilla………….

  2. Jay Says:

    great snaps dude!

  3. Arun Pillai Says:

    Wuf a great trait towards animals , and being more specific “photography”…
    I know whose acting as a gateway here.’nyways you can expect more..”MORE” into these areas soon .. Luk out for men with piped lens :)

    ~happy clicking

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