AJAX Write

One of the hot stuff over the surf ajaxWrite (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML). I say this gonna be a killer application….
It silently says ” Killing is my bussiness and the bussiness is good!

…and the foxY offered a good company for the Ace-Jack.

* Global access, all you need is an internet connection.
* Platform independent, you can use it with any operating system.
* Automatic updates and upgrades, no more computer restarts or missed patches/updates.
* Server side management, all the busywork is done for you.


Tail: It doesn’t work with internet explorer.
Did we mention it’s free? That’s right…

Microsoft Office Professional 2007TM - $499

ajaxWrite - $0

3 Responses to “AJAX Write”

  1. Sumeet Kumar Says:

    Hello vipin,
    I had met you on feb 28th at the CDAC knowledge park in Bangalore. I needed some information about CDAC and the cluster, so could you please contact me at the above email address.

    Sumeet Kumar

  2. *?* Says:

    hey hi …
    this LOOKs verrrrrry cool yaar, with a great ambition .. but just try to edit little bit and save the welcome file it gives and try to reopen in ajaxWrite .. then u’ll get to know how “killer application” it is ! still very long way to go for them ..

  3. *?* Says:

    Hey, check out Writely site at http://www2.writely.com/info/WritelyOverflowWelcome.htm, which does the same things that u expected with AJAX, but really coolly !

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