I am confused; the name sounds innocent but what’s wrong with this month? I don’t mind its inconsistency…I think this preborn shortY should come as the last child of the year instead of lovely December… I just like the months December and January except its cold… I guess I am loosing the sunlight…so I am walking back.

Well…. I was choked for two days and I couldn’t go anywhere…and exactly one year before on the same month I was hospitalized for the similar kind of symptoms what I am up to now. I am happy this time because I am getting Kanji (I don’t want to give much explanation for Kanji, In short I say “Rice Soup?) and Pickle too. I am not going to hospital so any medicine :)

Last year…Uff…here in a hospital, I asked her “Sister…? Today, I would like to have Kanji for my dinner and can you just arrange it for me.? She is from my State and replied “Oh Vipin, I don’t think that I could find it and no Kerala hotels out here? …good smiles!

I said…Okay, but….

In an hour, I was pretty happy with my dinner…She came with a bowl of hot Kanji and lemon pickle….

Later I came to know (she told me), she made it with a portion of her own dinner (well cooked rice) and served to me.

Has she done her blessed job? I forget her name but never the smile.

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