How To Become A Hacker

When The Open Source rules the world…there will not be any traditional nomenclature for the kingdom other than Hacker, Geek, Guru, Nerd… and its different status….

So do ya wanna be a hacker…. or wanna know how to become a hacker…? or ya gotta a Q..?

Q: How can I get the password for someone else’s account?
A: This is cracking. Go away, idiot.

esr [ Eric Steven Raymond ]
….if you had watch the movie, “Revolution OS” probably no chance to forget his facial expression when he narrates about the incident happened inside a lift
(mnky..mnky)…I’ll be your worst nightmare…

That was my first time I came across to know about him in a Linux meet where they played the movie and later on I have read some of his essays from The C&B [ The Cathedral and the Bazaar ] and its worth.

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