Home-Sweet Home

I have been to my home [sweet home] last weekend…and going next weekend too. Just like everyone, its a feeling (I say gOOd) that I dont get anywhere and ease the load in different ways.

When I have been to my home town anytime, I tried to get some time to visit the Lord Siva Temple around 6 Km away from my home. Its not just visiting the temple and offer my prayers to the God. The temple is so close to the Arabian Sea…yeah… I never had such a feeling, when I stand upon the sea-wall…then..then feel and taste the salty wind which blows around me at the time of when the sun goes down… When I had a look at the visible horizon… I know there is no meeting point for the sky and the sea, though it seems but I could find some twinkling and I am sure its not stars…though it seems. It might be a ship or a fishing boat….Huuhh… I am talking a lot about sea….never mind….sagar, my name means The Sea.

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