Something About Me

I am just a little boy with long hair…and my style is ” retro ”

I am a fun loving being; good… the word FUN cannotes what am I

I am an engineering graduate in Information Technology; hails from Kerala and currently live and work in Bangalore as a Systems Engineer for a non-profit organization.

My work, I ‘ve got a chance to work around with a Super Computer, Linux Clusters and the infrastructure part of the Grid Computing R&D project.

I easily get interested with things around me, have fun…and pretty fast I ditch many of those, but feel very difficult with the one I hooked up.

I like good foods…hey whats a good food…eha…? …Yokay… food, music, stars… hmmm… shooting stars. I used to watch the sky alomost everyday for a while.

I do things what I feel gOOd and havin ctrl over my mind… may be my thoughts, a sound, a drag-drink-trip….. or a smile..

Well.. I used to hear all kinda music, especially classic rocks, alternate rocks, psychedelic…so I just love pf. Some of my best bands are Doors, Metallica, DeepPurple, GnR, Coldplay, nirvana…the list goes on, but not too manY..

Yokay…now the things are going fine….and I am hearing…. “Comfortably numb…”

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