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Is it 64 or 32 bit ..??

Friday, December 23rd, 2005

When I heard this Q for the second time today at my office…
I thought of writing this a mail to my dear colleagues… :)

0. Linux

$ uname -a

If the command throws ia64 (Intel Architecture-64) OR x86_64 GNU/Linux.
Guess what it is..??

..if ya seen only i686 i586 i386 GNU/Linux >> I am sure the kernel should not support 64 bit.

1. IBM-AiX

$ file /usr/lib/boot/unix*

2. SUN OS/Solaris

$ isainfo -v

If ya couldn’t find the above command…Try

$ uname -a

SUN OS 5.7 or greater is 64 bit compliant

solaris 2.7 or greater is 64 bit compliant.

x. windows

hmmm… Live free… or die….

Something About Me

Thursday, December 22nd, 2005

I am just a little boy with long hair…and my style is ” retro ”

I am a fun loving being; good… the word FUN cannotes what am I

I am an engineering graduate in Information Technology; hails from Kerala and currently live and work in Bangalore as a Systems Engineer for a non-profit organization.

My work, I ‘ve got a chance to work around with a Super Computer, Linux Clusters and the infrastructure part of the Grid Computing R&D project.

I easily get interested with things around me, have fun…and pretty fast I ditch many of those, but feel very difficult with the one I hooked up.

I like good foods…hey whats a good food…eha…? …Yokay… food, music, stars… hmmm… shooting stars. I used to watch the sky alomost everyday for a while.

I do things what I feel gOOd and havin ctrl over my mind… may be my thoughts, a sound, a drag-drink-trip….. or a smile..

Well.. I used to hear all kinda music, especially classic rocks, alternate rocks, psychedelic…so I just love pf. Some of my best bands are Doors, Metallica, DeepPurple, GnR, Coldplay, nirvana…the list goes on, but not too manY..

Yokay…now the things are going fine….and I am hearing…. “Comfortably numb…”

Welcome !!

Sunday, December 18th, 2005

Welcome… Yes you are welcome and I thank you to drop into my blog.

I am vipin sagar and I am here to share my thoughts, happenings and since I am a technical fellow; the technical part of my life too…

I would like to take this oppertuniy to thank Aj, a close friend of mine who register this domainname and provided the free space for me as a 2006 New Year Gift. Thanks dear.


Sunday, December 18th, 2005

Hello…tick tick..hmmm… knock..knock…

I removed my snap (sleepY child)

Yokay…Yes. Hi…I am

Thank you for waking me up…..I am a good napper.

Here we go –>>